Too Good For Drugs & Violence (TGFD) (Grades 6-12)

Too Good For Drugs & Violence (TGFD) (Grades 6-12)

This comprehensive prevention education program for high school students was designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to remain safe and drug free.  Based on the renowned research of Hawkins and Catalano’s Risk and Protective Factors and The Search Institute’s 40 Development Assets, the program promotes bonding, develops essential life skills and establishes positive violence-free and drug free norms.

The evidence-based Too Good for Drugs & Violence High School prepares students with the skills they need for academic, social, and life success. Interactive games and activities provide practical guidance on dating and relationships, building healthy friendships, and refusing negative peer influence.

Lessons foster analysis and discussion of the effects of ATOD use as well as prescription and OTC drug use and various nicotine delivery devices. Students also analyze the impact of social media on decision making, reaching goals, and self-identity.

Students learn how to navigate the challenges of social and academic pressures like making responsible decisions, managing stress and anger, reflecting on personal relationships, and resolving conflicts. The lessons use collaborative and experiential learning strategies to help students practice the skills proven to prevent violence and other risky behaviors.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop and increase social skills such as communication and assertiveness
  • Develop and increase personal skills such as self-esteem and stress management
  • Gain an increased awareness of alcohol and other drug health risks
  • Learn skills to help make smart and healthy life long decisions

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