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When our Anxiety Turns to Anger


                                                              Lee Iacocca

As we continue with our Covid-19 lockdown, many of us might be noticing our anxiety is transitioning into anger. Anger and anxiety are two closely related emotions. Anxiety usually has people turn inward and avoid difficult situations, while anger makes us want to lash out and explode. Botvin’s Lifeskills Training offers four great techniques that can help us when we are dealing with our own anger. The warning light and deep breathing are two quick and easy techniques to use when you are in a situation that is making you angry. Picture a light flashing in your head warning you that you need to stop and think before reacting. Deep breathing will help control your emotions so you are able to react calmly. Reframing and Self-Statements are two techniques that LST provides that are very beneficial during this stressful Covid-19 era.

Reframing is a technique that can be very effective. During this stressful time we can easily fall into a negative thought pattern. Why is this happening? How am I going to stay sane shut in…and so many more negative thoughts have gone through our minds. Reframing our situation can reduce our anger and anxiety. Looking at the situation differently will shift our thoughts from a negative one to a more positive hopeful experience. What can I accomplish at home during this time. I can tackle a large project that I have been putting off. I can catch up on Netflix, Prime, and Hulu. I can take an online course that I have been wanting to do. Reframing our thoughts can lead to a more rewarding expereience.

Self-Statements are another effective technique to use when feeling angry and anxious. Telling yourself to not get angry can help keep yourself calm. Powerful self-statements that have helped me during this very trying time are: This too shall pass. I got this. I can handle this. We are all in this together.

Reframing how we look at a situation and Self-Statements can lead to a more positive outcome. The Covid-19 lockdown will come to an end and we will be able to look back and reflect upon the good and the positive accomplisments we achieved during this very trying and difficult time. We did not allow anger and anxiety to control us, we contolled them. 

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