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Visiting Washington D.C. With Our Annual Report!


At the beginning of February, Regional Coalition Coordinator, Malissa Arnold and I were given the opportunity to attend the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA) Annual Leadership Forum. There, we were introduced to a rolling attendance of youth and community leaders from all across the United States and its territories. With people who ...

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Find Us on a Radio Station Near You!


In the field of Prevention, we are especially concerned about the developing adolescent brain. We want to protect it as much as possible while also encouraging our students to seek positive experiences that create lasting positive infrastructural change. The introduction and passing of the Cannabis legislation did complicate the discourse on how we...

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The Cannabis Question


On February 22, 2021, Governor Phil Murphy signed three bills into law that addressed the legalization of cannabis (the legal word for marijuana). With this, the legalization of cannabis pushed forward a discourse for all New Jersey citizens to take part in. With questions and concerns so large about the impact on youth, the justice system, and the...

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Did You Know July is Disability Pride Month?


July 26, 1990, was a date many people in the United States celebrated due to the passing of The Americans with Disabilities Act. This law, signed by President George H.W. Bush, prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. It is not nationally recognized, but due to the historic nature of such an event, it is celebrated in the United S...

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June Is Pride Month (And So Much More) - Let’s Talk About It!


As June is Pride Month, as well as Canadian National Indigenous History month there is a recognized need to provide services in areas that may seem more unreachable. To provide resources to a population that may not have otherwise been given access to information is an important part of prevention education. This gives the opportunity to educators ...

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Confused About NJ Marijuana Policy? Join Us!

newjerseymarijuana-1 Source:

Hello Community Members!  While New Jersey has become one of the pioneers in underage marijuana usage and law enforcement reform, the new marijuana legislation has led to frustration and confusion with parents, business owners, and law enforcement alike. While there have been news outlets and educational resources mitigating some of that confusion, the Prevention Coalition of Mercer County an...

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Celebrating Black Contributions, One Person Who Helped So Many

BHM--1 source:

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.“ “Sobriety is the key to emancipation.” - Frederick Douglass Since we are nearing the end of Black History Month, I wanted to talk about one black man who has worked in alcohol and drug education. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mercer Council's very own, Cy Jones.     He first started off his career as someone who knew...

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February Parenting Programs, at 12 on Thursday's

Hello everyone! On January 28th, I did another Let’s Have A Conversation, I talked about helping children with the Anger and Coping Skills through some Life Skills Training and added research to help. While it introduced new concepts, the practical advice could be very useful for those looking at doable practices. Here is the link to the January 28th meeting: We are featuring two of Mercer Council...

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Let's Have A Conversation, Thursday's 12pm - 1pm

Hello everyone! On January 21st, I did another Let’s Have A Conversation, I talked about helping children with the Anxiety/Stress Management through some Life Skills Training and added research to help. It introduces some new concepts, but it also reiterates practical advice. Here is the link to the January 21st meeting: The program schedule is as follows for the month of February: January 28th, H...

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Parenting Programs on Thursday's from 12 - 1 PM Are Back!

Hello all!  Happy New Year and I hope the holidays have treated you well.  Last year, we touched upon many topics in this parenting series. While I am just someone who is a dashboard for parenting concerns and information, I have found such inspriation in my coworkers and their expertise on different topics. This year they will be featured in between our regularly scheduled programs. Whi...

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Ending The Year On a Strong Note, What This Parenting Program Looks Like For Next Year

On Thursday's at 12pm for the past two months, I have had the pleasure of hosting and answering questions for our "Let's Have A Conversation" series. Last week's presenation, LGBTQIA+ Youth and Drug Use Trends touched upon many important topics and concerns- thank you to those who attended. Here is the link to that YouTube video:  The last presentation of the year on December 17th, Signs To K...

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Parenting Concerns on Thursday's at 12 pm

Last week on December 3rd, I had the pleasure of talking to the group about having conversations with children before it matters. We discussed not only word choice, brain development, and trauma, but navigating through unknowns with children. Here is the link to the last parenting program:  This week, 12/10, LGBTQIA Youth and How To Help Them Get Through Adolesence  and What Can You Do T...

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Thursday's at 12 PM Parenting Programs

On Thursday, November 19th, I talked about stress and peer pressure for teens during Covid-19 and the Holidays. Meetings are still taking place every Thursday at 12:00PM - 1:00PM for any parenting questions you may have. Our Schedule will remain as follows:   This week, 12/3, we will be discussing how to talk to your kids BEFORE it matters. Here is the video from last meeting:  Next...

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12 PM Every Thursday is Reserved For Your Parenting Concerns!

I had the pleasure of hosting our weekly Parenting series centered around peer pressure. With stories shared and valuable input from participants, I am excited to know the potential for this prorgram.  This is the first session on Peer Pressure in General- A New Persepctive, that premiered on Thursday, November 12th, on our YouTub Channel:    This is what the rest of the series will...

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New and Exciting Parenting Program Series!

  As the world is changing and while it looks different from even ten years ago, I will try to effectively convey the difficulty in growing up in this tech world. Peer pressure looks different than it did a generation ago. Starting Thursday, November 12th at 12 pm to 1 pm, I will be hosting a weekly parenting meeting where I will discuss peer pressure in today’s youth. I will touch on many to...

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Calendar Project- Adapting to the New Normal!

Hello Community! At the end of each cycle for the Trenton Municipal Alliance Grant, the Coordinator- along with the Mercer County Division of Youth does an undertaking called The Calendar Project. We specifically ask them to express how drugs, alcohol, and violence has shaped their lives and they express that through poems, drawings, and paintings. We collaborate with primary and middle school stu...

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Municipal Alliance Dinner

(Our very own Malissa, stood for two alliances- Ewing and Lawrence)   On Wednesday, January 16th, The Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse sponsored the annual Municipal Alliance Volunteer Recognition Dinner. It was a night full of networking, recognizing common goals, and bringing to light all the hard work townships do every year. It was a night of celebrating and featuring a par...

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Reaching New Bounds

On Monday, December 2nd, 2019, New Pod City’s, Trenton Waves podcast, featured me and my affiliation with Mercer Council and the Trenton Municipal Alliance Committee. Below is the link to the conversation- it is funny, weird, and gets crazy at certain parts, but in its authenticity there were moments of interesting dialogue between myself and the hosts (Frank and Christina). One moment that should...

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