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PYPM, Valentine's Day, and the Brain-Heart-Body Connection


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we all know that the day of romance is symbolized by hearts. Chocolate boxes, balloons, cards, candles, and much more are formed in the shape of a heart and given as gifts to loved ones on this day. The heart being the symbol of love and passion has existed for a long time in history. Ancient Greek and Roman thinkers, including Aristotle, considered the organ to be the center of all human emotions. Flash forward to present day, research shows that the human brain is the command center of the body, controlling thoughts, movement, and all functions of the body. The brain is also responsible for controlling and processing human emotions (such as fear, anger, happiness, and love), thus making it the organ responsible for being the center of all human emotions. However, the brain does not act alone in keeping us alive and thriving, but rather works in partnership with other organs in our body. Children in the Protecting You, Protecting Me program learn that each part of their body has a part of their brain that works with it to help that body part do its job- like a partner. Their heart has a part of our brain that works with it- so do their lungs, their noses, their ears, and all their body parts. So, if the brain were to send valentine’s day cards to all the body parts it works in partnership with, that would be a whole bunch of valentines! Instead of cards, it may be better off sending brain waves instead!

It is important the brain and rest of the body are in constant sync with each other and that nothing interferes, distorts, confuses, blocks, or slows down the messages the brain sends out to the body, and vice versa. These messages sent and received from the brain to the body, and body to the brain, are responsible for keeping us alive and functioning as human beings. Alcohol consumption before the age of 21 has long lasting effects and causes irreversible damage to the developing brain and rest of the body.

On Valentine’s day and every day, treat your brain and body with care

Because you don’t have another brain and body to spare!

Remember each day to be all you can be,

This is another important message from Protecting You, Protecting Me!

Work your brain this Valentine's day by solving Valentine's day riddles:

Valentine's Day Riddles for all ages!

Also, be sure to check out: 

Valentine's Day activities for children during the pandemic

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