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May is National Inventor's Month!


What do trampolines, toy trucks, popsicles, water talkies, earmuffs, and pringles hooks have in common? They were all invented by kids! May is National Inventor's Month! It's time to celebrate creativity and the inventions made by children and adults both in the past and present. Put on your thinking caps and check out the list of resources below dedicated to this topic. You might just discover the next great invention!

Remember, things including alcohol, other drugs, eating unhealthy food, not wearing a helmet, and not wearing a seatbelt can hurt your brain and the rest of your body. Be good to your brain, help shape it to be the best it can be. This is another important message from Protecting You, Protecting Me! 

Inventions by Youth

PBS Kids How To Be An Inventor Story

Invention Ideas for Kids

Ancient Inventions from the Smith College History of Science Museum of Ancient Inventions

Design a new boardgame

Invention Info and Activities

National Inventors Hall of Fame Spring Break STEM Activities for the Whole Family

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