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Spirituality as an anchor

As a child, I recall a woman in our church singing a song written by George Beverly that said “In times like these, we need a Savior; In times like these, we need an anchor; Be very sure, be very sure, you anchor holds and grips the solid Rock”
When the life altering and crisis of COVID-19 arrived in the US , our lives became a storm of great unpredictability and fear. With so many aspects of our lives filled with uncertainty, It might be helpful to consider the connection to a source greater than ourselves for support. This may be a good opportunity to tap into a personal anchor.
Phillip Young, a spiritual adviser wrote in his article” How Spirituality Helps in a Crisis”
“Helpful spirituality does not threaten or increase fear, it reduces or redirects it into positive thought and action… When we are afraid, we want to be comforted. Spirituality is a way to self-comfort when you cannot find comfort around you or from external supports. It is often the lack of external support that takes fear up to the panic level.
One of the advantages to having a spiritual connection or a “higher power”, is that it often encourages us to further connect with others. Because humans are relational beings, we naturally long to connect to something beyond our physical selves. For many, the idea of connecting with a higher power can be just the option we need. In his Psychology Today article entitled “Why is Spirituality an Essential Part of a Recovery Program, Andrew Spickard Jr., MD writes:
“We are not meant to be the center of the universe and consumed with selfishness. We are meant to have deep relationship to others, to serve our families and communities, to be connected to something greater than ourselves. Addiction robs us of all of this. And for a spiritual problem, you need a spiritual remedy
We are now confronted with a world crisis. One like we’ve never seen before. In an effort to avoid resorting to unhealthy and at risk behaviors as a coping mechanism, consider relying on the strength of something and someone beyond ourselves.
To this end, Philip Young further explains
”Crisis touches us at the deepest level of our survival instinct and our fear can sometimes cause worse outcomes than the actual crisis itself”.
As a social worker and Christian pastor, I have witnessed how the support of a higher power and a sense of spirituality can aide in coping with the challenges life brings. Having something greater than oneself and the support of like-minded friends is something to consider in this time of crisis and uncertainty. I would encourage anyone who is feeling fragmented or isolated to consider give it a try, especially as we weather this storm together.

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