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Free Evidence-Based Programming for Middle and High School Students

Covid Impact SUD

You hear a rumor about a friend. Will you…(A) Repeat that rumor(B) Say nothing(C) Not Sure TGFD Take a Stand Activity Grade 7 As the new Mercer County Prevention Grant facilitator, I am excited to have these tough conversations with middle schoolers. I am thrilled to have joined a team of energized people seeking to address addiction thro...

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Learning About ME

IMG_8429 Me 1971

Our recent antiracism training facilitated by Kimme Carlos put me in touch with many of my personal emotions. I have always felt uncomfortable discussing issues associated with racism. I know it exists and I know it is sometimes necessary, but as a black man who has lived through it, the idea of discussing it at a times when I don’t necessarily have to is very difficult. Not only does it harbor di...

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