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Resources to Stay Safe and Sober this Labor Day 2021


Labor Day is Monday, September 6, 2021. This holiday (which has been nationally celebrated in the U.S. since 1894) recognizes the American Labor Movement and celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. The day signifies the end of summer, the beginning of autumn, and the anticipation of a new school year ahead. On this day, many in...

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NHTSA revs up for their Labor Day Impaired Driving High-Visibility Enforcement Campaigns


From the choices below, can you guess the type of driver (based on vehicle type) responsible for the highest percentage of alcohol-related fatal crashes in 2019? Is it A.) bus driver, B.) car driver, C.) motorcycle driver, or D.) truck driver?  The correct answer is C.) motorcycle driver. Among the alcohol-impaired drivers involved in fatal cr...

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June is National Safety Month


In honor of June being National Safety Month, an important safety topic I would like to discuss in this blog pertains to the dangers of drunk driving, drugged driving, and underage drinking. With the official start of summer looming coupled with the anticipation that comes with social isolation lockdown restrictions being eased, people are gearing ...

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Talking Points For Teens


April not only brought showers, it was also Alcohol Awareness Month. Although we are seeing a decline in teenage drinking, the numbers are still too high. In this session of Talking Points For Teens, we focus on the dangers of alcohol and underage drinking. Please click the link below to access our YouTube channel to view the Talking Points For Teens video. Enjoy the video. Stay Safe, Stay Safe He...

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Talking Points For Teens


  The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) will be holding their annual event, National Alcohol and Drugs Facts Week March 22-28, 2021. This annual event brings together teens and community groups to bring awareness and 'SHATTER THE MYTHS" about drugs and alcohol. In this session of Talking Points for Teens we discuss 5 fac...

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You are witnessing STICKER SHOCK! (at Joe Canal's Discount Liquors in Lawrenceville) So what is sticker shock? A sticker shock is where youth and leaders approach an alcohol retailer in our community and arrange to place a sticker reminder on packaged goods. On some color boxes, the circular neon green stickers really POP out and grab your attention. Often the PCMC members and youth sticker over 1...

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Parental Empowerment Webinar Recording Now Available to View!

On October 29,2020 Program Coordinators, Amy Argiriou,and Vanessa DeRosa presented a webinar on Parental Empowerment: Combating Substance Abuse In Young  Adolescents.The webinar focused on a discussion on the dangers of underage drinking, effects of alcohol and drugs on the developing brain, and how to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol. We know with the pandemic, working from home, po...

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Educating the public about the importance of the human brain

Brain-Awareness March 16-21, 2020

Our brain is the boss of our body, in charge of everything we do as human beings, and the most important part of our body. These statements are just a few of the many important messages children learn in the Protecting You, Protecting Me alcohol use prevention program delivered by Mercer Council. Our brain is so important, it has a whole week dedicated to it! Brain Awareness week was introduced in...

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