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Try Game pigeon

Want to stay connected with your kids? Try your cell phone.

Looking for a fun and interactive activity to play with your bored teen? Look no further than your own phone. I was recently chatting with my 20 plus year-old goddaughter about things to do during COVID-19 and she asked me if I had downloaded game pigeon? I had never heard about game pigeon. She explained that it was easy, fun and a way that I could interact with her as well as my two teenage children.

It’s as simple as downloading it from your app store. Its free and easy to download. Once another person has it on their phone, you can engage in playing fun games like scrabble, archery, pool and several other youth-oriented games. If you’re anything like me, you may only see your phone as a place to store numbers, but increasingly our phones are becoming our computers for a variety of life necessity functions. As far as I know, this is strictly for I phone users at the present time.

As we journey along during this unprecedented time, its important to find ways to stay connected. Something as simple as an interactive phone game with a teen sitting upstairs in their room alone can bridge a gap without seeming overzealous or irritating. It’s a simple invitation. And if they decline, don’t feel bad… you can even play some of the games alone. Even we adults need some time to break the monotony of our day.

Let’s continue to find creative ways to stay occupied, united and safe as we as we charter through COVID-19 together!

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Wear Your Strength Wristbands- Free Printable for Kids!


Tough Times Don't Last, But Tough People Do. As we all are enduring this difficult unprecented time during the COVID-19 pandemic, may the above underlined quote serve as a reminder that this time will pass and we will come out of it stronger than ever. With many unknowns surrounding us along with the stress, fear, and concern that individuals are facing, remembering the inner strengths we each pos...

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Spirituality as an anchor

As a child, I recall a woman in our church singing a song written by George Beverly that said “In times like these, we need a Savior; In times like these, we need an anchor; Be very sure, be very sure, you anchor holds and grips the solid Rock”When the life altering and crisis of COVID-19 arrived in the US , our lives became a storm of great unpredictability and fear. With so many aspects of our l...

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Mercer County Opioid Overdose Recovery Program (OORP) Open During COVID-19

OORP-Zoom-Screen-Shot Mercer County OORP Virtual Team Meeting

The current COVID-19 pandemic situation has resulted in unprecedented challenges for the entire Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Prevention, Treatment, and Services industry.  Social distancing restrictions, along with treatment center policy and medical screening enhancements, have posed additional unique restrictions on access to and delivery of SUD services. The ongoing opioid addiction crisis...

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During this time be the best you can be, a message from Protecting You, Protecting Me!

How are you spending your time of social distancing? During this time at home in our domains, it is especially important to protect our bodies and brains! Our brains and body can benefit from the following things, try them out and experience the joy it brings!  (Brain craft featured in collage picture courtesy of My Amazing Brain by TeachersPayTeachers website, link below) Check out the follo...

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Keeping it Real...Virtually!

In light of the recent pandemic, Mercer Council decided after careful consideration, to close our office space in order to do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19. Mercer Council Team is working from home remotely as we navigate this pandemic. Amidst disruptions to work and life in general, our team is working hard and doing the best we can considering the circumstances. We are proud of what o...

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Simple Stress Relief Activities

Simple stress relief activites that can be done at home during this lockdown. I hope all is well, we will all get through this.

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Coping Techniques to Beat COVID-19

As our days seem to be filled with the unknown, the anxiety we feel seems to be increasing. COVID-19 has affected everyone in some capacity. As a LifeSkills Training facilitator, I have had to apply the skills that I teach my students to myself and my family. One thing that I have decided to use is my logic side of the brain and not my anxiety side. My logic side sent me right to the LST technique...

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