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Wear Your Strength Wristbands- Free Printable for Kids!


Tough Times Don't Last, But Tough People Do. As we all are enduring this difficult unprecented time during the COVID-19 pandemic, may the above underlined quote serve as a reminder that this time will pass and we will come out of it stronger than ever. With many unknowns surrounding us along with the stress, fear, and concern that individuals are facing, remembering the inner strengths we each possess can serve as a beneficial tool to not only help ourselves but help those around us during this time. "The issue facing each and every one of us is how we manage and react to the stressful situation unfolding so rapidly in our lives and communities. Here we can draw on the remarkable powers of strength and cooperation that we also fortunately possess as humans. And that is what we must try to focus on to respond most effectively to this crisis as individuals, family and community members, friends and colleagues" said Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe. There are 24 character strengths that make up what's best about our personality. Everyone has these strengths, with some being more prevalent at certain times in our lives than others. The 24 character strengths are highlighted in the following image: 

24 Character Strengths VIA

The VIA Institute on Character is an excellent resource for learning more detailed information about these 24 character strengths. Please visit their website at VIA Institute on Character. The site also includes a free online survey available for youth (ages 10-17), and adults to measure the survey participant's ranking of the 24 character strengths. A detailed and in depth profile strengths report is provided to all survey participants at the conclusion of the survey. 

Another great resource I found is courtesy of the website GoZen. It is a coloring activity designed for children to highlight their strengths, but also can be beneficial for adults. The name of the coloring activity is Wear Your Strengths Wristbands. For more information, and to download the free printable Wear Your Strengths Wristbands, please visit the following website at GoZen Download Free Printables.

strengthswristbands PREVIEW 768x333

Please also join the Free Facebook group Science of Happiness for Kids, where positive interventions, printables, and resilience techniques for children are posted everyday! Go here: Science of Happiness for Kids Free Facebook group 

In closing, please remember during this time and always to be the best you can be, this is an important message from Protecting You, Protecting Me!  



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