I had the pleasure of hosting our weekly Parenting series centered around peer pressure. With stories shared and valuable input from participants, I am excited to know the potential for this prorgram. 

This is the first session on Peer Pressure in General- A New Persepctive, that premiered on Thursday, November 12th, on our YouTub Channel: 


This is what the rest of the series will look like: 

2nd, 11/19: Covid 19 and How it Affects Famly/Peer Pressure During the Holidays

3rd, 12/3: When the Kids Are In Charge- How Do You Respond When They Give In So Much To Their Own Peer Pressure? 

4th, 12/10: How To Talk To Your Kids BEFORE it Matters

For those of you who would like to attend our live meetings, here is the link: 


Hope to see you there!