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Mercer Council and the PCMC sponsor 5 Law Enforcement Officers to Attend Street Cop Training with Sgt. Scott Kivet


Mercer Council and the Prevention Coalition of Mercer County were pleased to sponsor 5 county law enforcement officers to attend Sgt. Scott Kivet's Street Cop Training Class:  Drug Identification, Paraphernalia and the Motor Vehicle Stop on Monday, May 24th.  This course gives police officers the skills they need to formulate effective and well-rounded opinions that can be used when initiating a motor vehicle stop where it is believed there is criminal and/or drug activity.  During the course of this day-long training, Sgt. Kivet highlighted both the most common drugs seen, as well as those that are not always prevalent.  Kivet has years of experience as a Drug Recognition Expert, and educates officers on each drug's classifications, identifications, associated paraphernalia and the most common signs and symptoms of each drug's use.  This course teaches officers how to identify red flags that are commonly undetected in the field of narcotics and specifically teaches how to articulate reasonable suspicion or probable cause.  

Sgt. Kivet was one of the founders of Robbinsville C.A.R.E. – Community Addiction Recovery Effort, which is standard operating procedure employed by the Robbinsville Township Police Department. On-duty officers coordinate an action plan to aid those arrested in the Township struggling with opiate/opioid addiction by providing resources and access to treatment at the time of arrest. Conditions of that access include no current detainers (i.e. arrest warrants) in their name. Robbinsville C.A.R.E. allows Robbinsville Police officers to offer a pathway to recovery by providing resources, access to treatment, and guidance from a trained drug counselor.  This model has been replicated in towns around the county.  

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Friday, 07 October 2022

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