This past week, I was honored to be invited to share space with Stacey Ross and Marc North of Recovery Advocates of America on their show, 'The Fix'.  In addition to their roles at Recovery Advocates, Stacey and Marc are also Recovery Specialists on Mercer Council's OORP Team.  Through both of their roles, they are well versed in all things recovery and we are lucky to have their voices.  I was asked to join to bring a clinical context to this recovery focused conversation and with all three invaluable perspectives, the result was a discussion packed with options for fueling recovery, not only during the holidays, but 365 days a year.

During this episode we discussed strategies for maintaining recovery through the holiday season, and practical tips and skills that can be employed for self-care and wellbeing through a number of scenarios that arise during this time of year.  The holidays, while a time of joy and celebration for many, can also be painful, challenging and lonely for others. 

This conversation hopes to not only empower listeners who themselves have had challenging relationships with substances to devise a plan they can impliment in a variety of uncomfortable situations where their recovery is feeling vulnerable, but also to provide allies, family members, friends and the community an opportunity to understand and consider what their loves ones, friends, neighbors who have experienced substance use may potentially be going through during the holiday season and more effectively support them. 

This show was a ton of fun!  If you'd like to catch the episode, it is embedded below.

I hope you enjoy it.