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Annual Bike Drive

Exercise is a great way to manage feelings and stress in life-affirming ways. Join Mercer Council in supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County to improve access to bicycles for Mercer County's youth through the annual Bike Drive hosted by Mercer County and the Parks Commissions. This bike drive accepts bikes in any condition and do...

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Scholarship Opportunity


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Nurturing the Amazingness in You


Vicarious trauma or secondary trauma is defined as a condition experienced by people who have been working with people living with trauma in which they themselves begin to demonstrate physical and emotional responses to the other person's trauma exposure. Hearing sad things may impact us. However, some individuals in response to the sadness they he...

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National Runaway Prevention Month

No one ever imagines their child will just vanish one day. However, commercial sexual exploitation of minors is one of the various sad realities of why children leave home. November is National Runaway Prevention Month. In shining a light on the intersection of substance use and sex trafficking of minors, MCADA wants to highlight that the leading f...

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The Jewish High Holy Days and Their Relationship to the Recovery Community


The sound of the Shofar (ram's horn) is the signal that the Days of Awe, the ten-day period from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur has begun. This is a period of serious introspection and soul-searching. It is a time to heal hurts, offer apologies, mend misunderstandings, and right wrongs. These 10 days are considered the most sacred on the Jewish calend...

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June Is Pride Month (And So Much More) - Let’s Talk About It!


As June is Pride Month, as well as Canadian National Indigenous History month there is a recognized need to provide services in areas that may seem more unreachable. To provide resources to a population that may not have otherwise been given access to information is an important part of prevention education. This gives the opportunity to educators ...

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2021 Mercer County Community Survey Launched by PCMC


  In less than five minutes, you can make a big difference in the health and well-being of your community.  Every year, the Prevention Coaliiton of Mercer County distributes this survey in order to help us get a snapshot of our community's progress towards healthy, safe and drug-free environments.  It also assists us in making adjustments to our current and future strategic planning...

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