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Nurturing the Amazingness in You


Vicarious trauma or secondary trauma is defined as a condition experienced by people who have been working with people living with trauma in which they themselves begin to demonstrate physical and emotional responses to the other person's trauma exposure. Hearing sad things may impact us. However, some individuals in response to the sadness they he...

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September is Suicide Prevention Month. While ASYSST is assisting students throughout the year, suicide is one of the many areas we focus on. This year's theme is HELP, take one post one. There is a help sign posted outside of one of our offices, students can take a Post-It Note with a positive affirmation that speaks to or means something to him/he...

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Did You Know July is Disability Pride Month?


July 26, 1990, was a date many people in the United States celebrated due to the passing of The Americans with Disabilities Act. This law, signed by President George H.W. Bush, prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. It is not nationally recognized, but due to the historic nature of such an event, it is celebrated in the United S...

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Shattering the Stigma Events

IMG_0059 Shatter the Stigma Event, Robbinsville

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. A huge part of being aware, and hopefully moving on to acceptance, is removing the stigma associated with mental health, and getting help for mental health challenges. Mercer Council and Prevention Coalition of Mercer County is proud to have been a part of several events calling to shatter the stigma ...

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How Can We ASYSST You? Your Mental Health is Important!


May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Be good to yourself and make sure you are mentally okay.  If not, then seek help. Please enjoy the PSA that ASYSST along with Ewing High School(EHS) Student Council created. This is a message for their fellow students and those in the community.  Please share below, a tip to r...

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Talking Points For Teens


Virtual Learning, Covid-19 pandemic and isolation from friends are just some of the struggles our teens have been facing since March 2020. In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Talking Points for Teens will focus on how teens can manage their emotions when life doesn't seem to be going their way. Please click the link below to access...

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Managing tough emotions with the 54321 Technique

Many of us have experienced some sort of traumatic event in our lives, and times like the present can intensify feelings such as hopelessness and fear. "Trauma is an exposure to an extraordinary experience that presents a physical or psychological threat to oneself or others and generates a reaction of helplessness and fear (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2013). The exposure may have...

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2 Practical Tools for Mental Wellness: Box breathing and Qi-Gong

MHA-Month Mental Health Awareness Month

  Since 1949 May has been observed as Mental Health Month in the United States, and according to NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness): 1 in 5 adults in the US experience a mental health condition in any given year. During this time of physical distancing, managing good mental health can be challenging. However, there are 2 practical tools anyone can use to add to their daily routine...

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When our Anxiety Turns to Anger

"IN TIMES OF GREAT STRESS OR ADVERSITY, IT'S ALWAYS BEST TO KEEP BUSY, TO PLOW YOUR ANGER AND YOUR ENERGY INTO SOMETHING POSITIVE."                                                               Lee Iacocca As we continue with our Covid-19 lockdo...

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Simple Stress Relief Activities

Simple stress relief activites that can be done at home during this lockdown. I hope all is well, we will all get through this.

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Coping Techniques to Beat COVID-19

As our days seem to be filled with the unknown, the anxiety we feel seems to be increasing. COVID-19 has affected everyone in some capacity. As a LifeSkills Training facilitator, I have had to apply the skills that I teach my students to myself and my family. One thing that I have decided to use is my logic side of the brain and not my anxiety side. My logic side sent me right to the LST technique...

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