A blog post was written in October 2020 to recognize October as National Eat Better, Eat Together Month. The purpose of National Eat Better, Eat Together Month is to promote healthy eating habits among individuals of all ages. Research shows there are many benefits of families frequently eating dinner together including improved social skills in children and lower risk of depression in adolescents. Another benefit is that it reduces the risk of substance use disorders in teens.

Fast forward to the present, Mercer Council would like to recognize National Family Day on September 27, 2021, as being another important period of time to encourage families to eat meals frequently together to reduce the risk of youth substance use and other risky behaviors.

We invite you to view the short video below and encourage you to share it with others!

Source: Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership, Inc. 

Please visit Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership, Inc. website where activities and recipes for National Family Day are posted for public use. There is also a pledge for parents to take to dedicate more family mealtime together.

A sample of activity sheets found on the Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership website...