Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (WISE)



The WISE program is a wellness and prevention program targeting older adults created by the New Jersey Prevention Network. The WISE Program is designed to help older adults celebrate healthy aging, make healthy lifestyle choices and avoid substance abuse.

Now available as a Virtual Program, click for details.

Learning Objectives

1. Increasing knowledge

  • Participants learn how their bodies age and how this process affects their ability to metabolize alcohol and medications.
  • Participants will recognize the early signs and symptoms of depression.

2. Increasing social support

  • Participants will develop an appreciation for cultural and generational diversity, including their own increasing age.
  • Participants will demonstrate increased social guidance and social integration.

3. Positively changing behavior

  • Participants will learn how their lifestyle choices and behaviors impact their health.
  • Participants will learn how to use new tools and feel empowered to manage their health care, particularly regarding their use of medications.

Number of sessions: 6   one hour each

Services Include:  curriculum materials and evaluation

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